This resource center is designed to help educate and plan for your Maximo upgrade.  Resources will be added on a continuous basis, so be sure to check this page often for updates. 
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Upgrading Maximo 4,5,6,7.1,7.5 Overview 

This documentation directly from IBM offers insight to an upgrade plan: 
  • Upgrading IBM Maximo Asset Management from one version to the next version requires great planning, practice and time.
  • To complete upgrade(s) to the newer versions of Maximo, you also have to complete specific steps in order.
  • There are some "checks and balances" along the different upgrade paths and help when you need it.

IBM Maximo Product End of Support Dates

This spreadsheet identifies the end of IBM Maximo support by product: 
  • End of Service Schedule showing Version, Product ID, General Availability, and End of Support Date.
  • Desupported tab showing Version, Product ID, General Availability, and End of Support Date.


Product Configuration Matrix 

Configuration matrix for IBM Maximo products based on Tivoli's process automation engine 
  • Configurations, languages, documentation, additional details for supported platform versions
  • Maximo reporting and archiving
  • Admin workstation support and minimum hardware requirements

Maximo V7.5 Report Booklet 

What Out of the Box Reports are delivered in Release 7.5? 
  • Over 140 reports are delivered in V7.5. These reports span the variety of applications, and include Analysis, Drill Down, Hierarchical, and Graphical Reports.
  • The booklet contains information on each report's file names, parameter, application toolbar settings, grouping, sorting and descriptions along with various other information.



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