Maximo for Utilities


IBM® Maximo® for Utilities allows utilities to consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database. This includes bringing together assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet, facilities and IT. It helps utilities increase asset and resource effectiveness by providing a platform to support all types of asset classes.

With Maximo for Utilities you can:

  • Improve productivity with Compatible Unit Estimating (CUE) and a multilevel compatible unit library.
  • Manage crew type and crew makeup with enhanced crew management while tracking labor skills and certifications.
  • Support smart meter or revenue meter asset management lifecycle.
  • Integrated with fixed-asset accounting, mobile workforce management and design tools based on service-oriented architecture.

The solution includes Maximo Spatial Asset Management to support map-based user interface built on the latest Esri ArcGIS Server technology. It also features integrated work and asset management functionality on a modern, standards based platform – including supply chain management, contact management and service level agreements.



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