Maximo for Nuclear Power


IBM® Maximo for Nuclear Power manages the lifecycle of assets of nuclear plants and fleets by streamlining and automating key asset management processes. It provides a single platform for managing all asset types. It also supports industry-specific requirements by modeling nuclear objects and business processes – including tech specs, clearances, permits, surveillance testing and corrective actions.

Use Maximo for Nuclear Power to:

  • Manage all stages of the asset life cycle including purchasing, acquisition, inventory control, configuration, work management, preventive maintenance and corrective action.
  • Provide dedicated applications to support the management of tech specs, surveillance requirements, calibration and procurement engineering.
  • Develop standardized job plans, impact plans, permits and clearances for critical and recurring work activities.
  • Create advanced scheduling and sequencing capabilities for the management of preventive maintenance programs.

This solution also:

  • Supports processes for new plant construction and decommissioning.
  • Helps to promote nuclear safety through the use of impact plans, permits, clearances and corrective action programs.
  • Provides a simple user interface to facilitate rapid execution of work management tasks by personnel in the field.
  • Supports best-practice business processes defined in the Standard Nuclear Performance Model by providing ready-to-use and configurable workflow content.
  • Provides industry-specific decision support by providing ready-to-use and configurable report content that is based on nuclear KPIs.

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